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Educational Products:

  • Analog Fiber Optics Kit
  • Biprism Experiment Kit
  • Diode Laser Characterization Kit
  • Diode Laser Diffraction Kit
  • Diode Laser Optics Kit
  • Fiber Optics Bending Loss Apparatus
  • Fiber Optics Kit
  • HeNe Laser Optics Kit
  • Interferometer Kit: Fabry-Perot
  • Interferometer Kit: Michelson
  • Laser Holography Kit
  • Opto-electronics Kit



Fiber Optics is one of the most important application of lightwave communication and photon technology.
The Analog Link consists of three parts : transmitter, receiver and optical fiber.
The transmitter includes electrical microphone, amplifier, driver and an optical source. It operates on 230Vac and has a 1 kHz signature signal generator.
Plastic fiber used in this kit has a polyethelene jacket, a fluorine polymer cladding and a core of polymethyl metacrylate polymer. The fiber core is 980 micron in diameter surrounded with 10 micron thickness cladding.
The fiber optic receiver has a photodetector and a audio amplifier circuit connected to speaker. It as well operates on 230V.
Several accessories are also included.



FO-BLA Model is a F.O. Bending Loss Apparatus that is available as part of a set of extra accessories that can be used with our standard Diode Laser Characterization Kit.
This set of accessoriy is useful in studying and to find the transmission loss caused in optical fibers when they are bent at corners of different circles in fields while being laid for local area network.
The apparatus has a smaller circle of 35 mm dia. and increases in steps of 10mm diameter giving largest circle of 65 mm dia.
A 5 meter length of thin optical fiber is provided with ends fixed to fiber holders suitably.
This product is suited ideally for any educational and research laser / fiber-optics / physics laboratory.

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